Category: Pots and siphons


“SP” separation and condensate pots are used in the treatment of dense and corrosive fluids. They are also used as containers for separating liquids to prevent direct contact with instruments. They are used in vapour measurements to collect condensate and maintain a constant liquid head on the instruments. The most common connections for these applications are 1/2″ NPT-F and 1/2″ SW.
The ‘BDA’ and ‘BDE’ air distribution pots are suitable for centralising a number of outlets in air distribution networks, also allowing condensate bleeding.
Syphons are used on the steam measuring lines to prevent steam from directly hitting the instrument. The syphons also provide good thermal dissipation, preventing the gauge from overheating.
They are machined from 1/2″ seamless pipe in different thicknesses (SCH 40, SCH 80, SCH 160) and materials (A106 Gr.B, AISI 316). The couplings are commonly 1/2″ male and/or female (NPT, PE, SW).

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